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Delamu 2 Sets of 2-Tier Clear Under Sink Organizers and Storage, Multi-Purpose Stackable Bathroom Cabinet organizers, Pull Out Kitchen Pantry Organization and Storage with Dividers

Delamu 2 Sets of 2-Tier Clear Under Sink Organizers and Storage, Multi-Purpose Stackable Bathroom Cabinet organizers, Pull Out Kitchen Pantry Organization and Storage with Dividers

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MULTIPLE SIZES FOR DIVERSE NEEDS: The smaller size (S) measures 7.48" x 12.26" x 9.05", and the larger size (L) measures 7.48" x 12.26" x 11.02". The high-low combination design of this bathroom organizer offers versatile bathroom storage options, such as bathroom organization, pantry organizer, kitchen cabinet organizer, under sink storage, etc.

ANTI-SLIP DURABLE AND CONVENIENT: We provide non-slip silicone stoppers to keep our bathroom storage organizer in place, even when pulling out a drawer. The bathroom organizers and storage are made of thick acrylic and durable stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting performance. Assembly is easy - Simply connect the upper and lower bases with four rods.

EASY ACCESS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Features a clear bathroom cabinet organizer, allowing you to see the inside clearly and find the wanted stuff fast - It's an essential assistant for your kitchen organizers and storage, cabinet organizers and storage, and under sink storage. Additionally, the inclusion of dividers ensures the separation and security of items.

STACKABLE UNDER CABINET ORGANIZER: Our undersink organizers stand out because they allow you to stack up to 3 units depending on your space needs, making it an essential space-saving solution. It is ideal for under the sink organizer bathroom and also works well as bathroom cabinet storage, cupboard organizers and storage, and snack organizer for pantry

MULTI-PURPOSE STORAGE MUST-HAVE: DELAMU is committed to providing a high-quality life experience for everyone. When creating this under cabinet storage, we prioritized convenience and practicality. Our revolutionary 2-tier under bathroom sink organizer is perfect for maximizing indoor storage space in bathrooms, under sinks, cabinets, and kitchens.

Customer Reviews

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Bruno Izzo

Protects against rust and corrosion, ideal for damp environments like under sinks.

Tin T. Nguyen
Divided Storage

Separates items into categories for enhanced organization and accessibility.


Surface withstands daily wear and tear, maintaining a pristine appearance over time.

Judith A Fallat
Optimize Under-Sink Space

Revolutionize your storage with the Delamu Stackable Pull Out 2-Tier Clear Under Sink Organizer, designed to maximize vertical space in kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Tim Tim
Sleek Modern Design

Add a touch of sophistication to your storage space with the organizer's sleek and modern design, elevating the aesthetic of any cabinet or pantry.

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