The LAMU Affiliate Program

Here at LAMU, our goal is to assist you in maintaining a well-organized and tidy life with our wide range of products. We sincerely hope that your shopping experience with us has been enjoyable. is the exclusive online destination for purchasing authentic LAMU products, and every purchase is supported by The Official LAMU Guarantee. As a valued shopper, this entitles you to complimentary shipping on all orders as well as access to exclusive promotions.


How do I become an official LAMU Affiliate?

Start earning commission by driving traffic and sales to LAMU through your website. Our affiliate network partners will provide you with official LAMU branded banners, text, and product links for your site. With our online toolkit, you'll have everything needed to earn commissions. At the end of each month, we process transaction reports transparently and promptly ensure affiliate payments.


Benefits of Joining Us

Cookie days

 30 days

Commission type

 Percent Of Sale

Commission amount


Additional terms
You will get a 5% commission on total
referral sales when a customer makes
a purchase through your affiliate link or
uses your coupon code.


Some helpful pointers to get you started…

  • Affiliates earn commission on products sold on (excluding returns and refunds)
  • Affiliates can take the advantage of reporting and sales tracking through our affiliate network partners.
  • Affiliates receive exclusive newsletters, product, and special promotion updates.


How do I sign up?

Signing up to become a LAMU affiliate is as simple as filling in this online form submission!



We look forward to you joining us at the beginning of an awesome LAMU affiliate program soon!