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3 Tier Pull-Out Under Sink Organizer Storage, Delamu Bathroom Sliding Stackable Pantry Counter Cabinet Organization and Storage, 2 Sets

3 Tier Pull-Out Under Sink Organizer Storage, Delamu Bathroom Sliding Stackable Pantry Counter Cabinet Organization and Storage, 2 Sets

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3 Tier Pull-Out Under Sink Organizer Storage, Delamu Bathroom Stackable Pantry Counter Sliding Cabinet Organization and Storage, 2 Sets

APPLICABLE TO MULTIPLE SCENARIOS: The pull-out under bathroom sink organizer with the perfect size and multi-function design, not only can be used under the bathroom or kitchen cabinet but also use on the desktop as a kitchen spice rack for holding grains, canned food, and salt, as a basic storage shelf on your office and bedroom. You can also use it as a bathroom tray with portable dividers to hold cosmetics, nail polish, towels, soap, shampoo, and so on.

EASY TO INSTALL: No tools required, no hassle at all! With its self-explanatory snap-together design and sliding shelves, our under the sink organizer bathroom can be set up effortlessly in just a few minutes. Non-slip rubber feet at the base and rust-proof, durable rods ensure stability, even when you pull out a drawer. (Please note: be careful not to scratch your hands when inserting the stainless steel tube into the slot of the frame.)

UNDER SINK ORGANIZER AND STORAGE: The overall dimension of the bathroom sink organizer is 8.27"L x 13.19"W x 14.96"H, which comfortably shares space with the pipes in limited spaces, maximizing the vertical storage space under the sink, saying goodbye to cluttered spaces.

SLIDE-OUT DRAWER & STABLE STRUCTURE: The 3-tier storage organizer features two pull-out acrylic drawers with tracks plus one top basket of total-clear acrylic to prevent swaying during use and a built-in handle that makes it easy to access hard-to-reach things. In addition, the bottom and top are fitted with 8 silicone non-slip pads for ensuring stability when pulling the organizer drawer out.

DURABLE & VISIBILITY: Bathroom organizer made of durable acrylic material and connected by four stainless steel support tubes, and will not rust when placed under the sink. Stacked in three layers, the top drawer can support up to 15LB, and the clear design allows you to easily find what you need. Saving time and keeping everything organized.

Customer Reviews

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eleina santos
Clutter-Free Cabinets

I'm obsessed with Delamu 3-tier organizer! The clear acrylic drawer is such a genius feature C I can easily spot what I need without rummaging around. It's made organizing my under cabinet storage a breeze. The dividers are a nice touch, keeping items neatly separated and preventing spills. Definitely worth every penny for kitchen organization!

Space-saving Solution

Free up valuable counter and cabinet space by utilizing the vertical storage offered by Delamu pull-out organizer.

Carolann Weber
A Game-Changer for Kitchen Organization

Absolutely love how the clear acrylic drawer of this organizer allows me to see everything inside with ease! Makes finding what I need in a hurry a breeze. It's become my go-to for keeping my under cabinet storage neat and tidy. The added dividers are a bonus, keeping items separated and secure. Highly recommend!

Angela M Pieratt
Organize with Ease

Delamu 3-tier organizer has been a game-changer for my kitchen! The clear acrylic drawer is genius C I can quickly locate items without digging through clutter. Perfect for keeping my kitchen cabinets organized and maximizing space. The dividers are a nice touch, ensuring everything stays in place. A must-have for anyone looking to streamline their kitchen storage!

Richard Maggio
Streamline Your Storage

I am seriously impressed by the clear acrylic drawer in Delamu 3-tier under sink organizer! It's like having x-ray vision for my under cabinet storage. No more rummaging around blindly C everything is visible at a glance. The dividers are a fantastic addition, keeping items neatly separated and preventing spills. Such a simple yet effective solution for kitchen organization!

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